• Competition Night is the first Monday of every month from October till June.  The competitions are held at the Presbyterian Church Hall starting at 7pm
  • The maximum number of images members in good standing (current dues paid) may enter is limited to two.  The images may both be entered in the same category or they may be entered in different categories.
  • All submitters must prioritize their images with a #1 and #2.  The total number of images to be entered into competition is limited to 35.  Some #2 images may be withdrawn by the committee to manage the number of images reviewed. 
  • Please follow the naming protocol below.
  • Digital images must be e-mailed to 
  •  and received by midnight Saturday, before the first Monday of the Month, to be included in the competition.  
  • Print submitters need to send an email by midnight Saturday to reserve a spot in the competition. 
  • Print images must be signed in
  •  by 6:45 p.m. on Competition night. 
  • Judging begins promptly at 7:00 p.m.  
  • You must be present at the Competition meeting for your entries to be judged. 
  • Images should be sized to fit within 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.  See the “Competition Guidelines” on the TACC website, 
  • , for details on how to prepare, size and label your digital images and prints. 

Competition Themes
Month Theme Description
October: Black & White Photos in shades of Black/Grey/White
November: High & Low Key Using high white saturation or low black background
December: People & Pets Photos of those people and/or pets you love
January: Complimentary Colors Use of the color wheel to use the color wheel for you color composition
February: Abstract Using artistic interpretation of a photo
March: Night Photography Using good photography technique while capturing a photo in the blue hour or night time
April: Panorama Presenting a photo in a crop factor of at least 3 Long by 1 high
May: Conceptual/Composite Illustrate an idea with photography
June: Motion Show motion in your image

Theme: Learning new skills

Opportunity for improvement: Group the  Skill Levels in the competition.  Allow the Beginners to have a score recorded or just have judge feedback

Rags Avery contact info:

cell: 989-948-8119


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